Digital Restoration

I was commissioned to restore the anatomy and portrait to the iconic Rolls Royce emblem the Spirit of Ecstacy for new owners BMW in 2003, this was done digitally starting with an accurate 3D scan of the original and the Freeform Modelling System.


Sometimes one copy is not enough! These are plaster casts of James Gibbs the architect, we scanned it, used 3D CAD, printed a master to make the mould


This is a replica of graffiti found on the cell walls of the Tower of London, it was CNC machined in hard resin and finished for visitors to touch


A commemorative medal design developed using a scan of a Tyson Smith Carving for the new MET shopping Centre Liverpool, thirty copies were made


Using an accurate 3D scan as a starting point we were able to skilfully use digital sculpting software to reset the sculpture into a new relief medal design


An obelisk in Sefton Park Liverpool had lost several relief sculptures to vandals, only one photograph was found which we used to make this bronze copy


Non contact laser scanning offers no risk to valuable objects yet the data it produces is priceless for archive, research, access, interpretation and more


We used a traditional clay sculpting process to remake the Sefton Park relief’s in Liverpool. These were then cast into bronze and fitted into the original recess


Museum collections are full of objects that inspire new ideas for products, this Cream-ware candlestick is one such example now made in Stoke On Trent


We scanned a tiny gold piece from the Staffordshire Hoard, we restored the form and made a gold plated handling replica seven times larger