Digital Modelling and Sculpting Services                                              

Chris has been creating, designing and making objects professionally since leaving the Royal Academy Schools in 1982. Creating stone and bronze sculptures for many years in the south west before moving into teaching and lecturing.

In 2000 Chris was introduced to 3D digital modelling technology demonstrated at the Hothouse in Stoke On Trent. Since then he has used both practical and digital technologies on a wide range of projects, as a creative practitioner Chris is able to hand finish the printed or machined parts to ensure the high quality physical product is delivered. This includes adding the fine details to real stone machined replicas. This wide ranging experience has given us unique insight on which to offer digital product development services to the creative community.

With a background based on real experience of traditional craft work, artistic creative studio work and working with real materials we can help you to use the latest technologies to reduce your lead times and create classic products from design to fine figurative art work. We can start from concept drawings through to laser scanning to create a form for development. Please contact us to discuss your next project.

Services Include

Bespoke products

  • If you have a special project in mind we can help you to realise it to its full potential and add value from concept to presentation.
  • From restoration to working with raw data we have the experience to find a good workable solution
  • We have an extensive network that can be called on to give you the skills and resources required to complete the project.
  • We specialise in unique projects from restoration to working with new raw data, for objects which can be created in new or traditional materials.

Product Development

  • We have experience working from a wide range of starting points from sketches or scribbled ideas to precise specification
  • Using Scans we can create parts and subdivision on which to develop a new products, modify or merge forms into new objects.
  • With our experience of Digital creative production we can guide you on the most cost effective route to manufacture.

Museum Replicas

  • We have worked in museums and can liaise with museum staff to scan originals and create exact replicas in appropriate materials.
  • Replicas produced for handling and interpretation that are produced in safe and durable materials.
  • Preparing digital data for interactive content, digital animations and haptic platforms.

3D Modelling

  • Working from your concepts designs we can produce digital clay forms, visuals and a rapid prototype model from which you can use to develop further and get market evaluation and support.
  • Designs can range from Industrial Design Concepts to toys and collectibles
  • We specialise in creating figurative and organic forms and their incorporation into new industrial designs.

Interactive design

  • We create content for the new Probos Interactive. working with 3D scans already taken we can bring them back to life and make them accessible to the public.
  • We can create 3D puzzles from museum objects for physical interactive engagement by visitors or outreach programs.
  • We are providing the interactive design to the new Probos Interactive, designing multimedia content and user experience.

3D Sculpting

  • We specialise in figurative work and creating value added designs.
  • Portraiture, from scanning the subject to finished Bronze. Creating new 3D family collections.
  • We can digitise your sculpture maquettes and create scaled masters for edition manufacture.
  • We have valuable experience in preparing portrait scans and digital data and using these to create sculpture forms for bronze or machining into real stone.

Traditional Sculpting

  • We have traditional training and experience in creating sculpture in stone and Bronze as well as other casting media.
  • We have extensive practical experience in producing replicas using a wide range of appropriate technologies, working with unique, rare and prestigious forms when working for Conservation Technologies  at National Museums Liverpool, which has now closed.
  • We offer a Fine Art approach to form with the addition of extensive knowledge of digital production processes that can be employed to give you the quality you require.